i-APS Al-Hassan Al-Zarqah

Al-Hassan Al-Zarqah

Data Analysis Officer

Al-Hassan comes from an administrative background and holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. He has over 6 years of experience in the administrative field and data analysis. He has worked on over 11 UNICEF and NGO funded projects implemented by i-APS in Yemen, after which he was promoted in the position of an M & E officer. Among the most important responsibilities that Al-Hassan assumed in his career were data design, data process flow management, analyzing and cleaning data and ensuring its quality, designing field forms on KAPsurvey and KOBO and ensuring their suitability for field work, training the field team and ensuring full understanding of the project’s objectives. He is currently working as Data Analysis Officer for i-APS for a number of projects, including the projects of OCHA, UNICEF, CARE and ADRA, and many other projects.