Career Opportunities

Explore our open roles for working totally remotely, from the office or
somewhere in between.


Internships are available worldwide, including through remote engagement across our country and affiliate offices. To learn more, email us as
[email protected].


Professional Development

At i-APS, we prioritize the continuous professional development of all our team members through our internal people-first professional development program. Our aim is to create an environment that inspires individuals to enhance their practices, knowledge, and skills by working alongside colleagues to observe, practice and learn. Furthermore, we provide financial assistance to our team members to access external training and learning opportunities. We are committed to supporting the growth and development of our team members to ensure they can deliver high-quality work for our clients.


Family Friendly Workplace

At i-APS, we prioritize our people, recognizing that families come in all shapes and sizes. We provide our teams with the necessary flexibility and support to balance work and life effectively.  To meet the needs and demands of our clients, many of our teams work in flexible locations and times. We believe in not just creating a culture of balance, but actually achieving it, as it strengthens both our teams and organization.