i-APS Ahmed Al Wadaey

Ahmed Al Wadaey

Country Manager and Representative for Yemen

Having earned a doctorate degree in Agriculture Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA and engaged in numerous sustainable development programs over the past 20 years, Dr. Al-Wadaey makes the perfect country manager and representative for i-APS in Yemen. As Country Representative and Manager for i-APS Yemen he is responsible for the overall representation and compliance, program design and development, human resources management, leadership and program quality. Dr. Al-Wadaey also manages large portfolio of i-APS investment in Yemen. His previous experience covers the following positions: Programs’ quality advisor and MEAL (Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning) specialist at the NFDHR in Yemen; Agriculture advisor for various teams drafting grant proposals for donors (including UNOCHA, DFID, UNICEF, World Bank, FAO, ICARDA, CGIAR, WFP, USAID, WHO); Scientific researcher at ICARDA in Aleppo, Syria, where he was involved in research activities in Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, and Ethiopia to improve the income of farmers and reduce poverty; National Consultant with FAO in Yemen; and a consultant with the World Bank, Oxfam and Yemeni private sector.