Global Health


i-APS is dedicated to improving health outcomes and advancing global health through technology, community engagement, innovative programs, and partnerships. In the global health sector, we concentrate on addressing the world’s most urgent health challenges, such as reducing infectious disease transmission and improving maternal and child health. Our collaborative efforts with governments, UN agencies (UNFPA, WHO, UNICEF), NGOs, and private sector organizations aim to develop and execute successful health initiatives that bring about long-term change. For 12 years, i-APS has assessed, informed, and implemented health programs across the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Our people-first approach to Global Health is collaborative, innovative, and sustainable. We work with communities, health professionals, and authorities at all levels to identify the root causes of health problems and develop evidence-based solutions that address their unique needs. Our programs are designed and implemented using the latest technologies and best practices, ensuring they are effective, efficient, and scalable. Our Global Health team, comprised of experienced experts, specializes in strengthening health systems, preventing and controlling diseases, and improving reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health. We provide technical assistance and support capacity building to strengthen health systems and empower local partners for long-term sustainability. We have collaborated with WHO Yemen to control malaria, worked with UNFPA to monitor and provide technical services in clinics and hospitals, and have a long-term agreement with UNICEF to provide technical services to their health, nutrition, and education programs.